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First for Import and Export

Your success starts with us.

First company was established in 2011, then First for Import - Export and Consulting Services Company was established in 2018 to help the capital owners and businessmen in providing all import and export consulting, quotations and distinctive market study. The availability of shipping services from abroad to Egypt and vice versa at the best prices and the provision of customs clearance services through specialists and specialized staff in importing from China to Egypt.


First for Import and Export is looking forward to leading in the consulting field and helping all our customer, businessmen or medium business owners inside or outside Egypt to obtain the best prices of products or equipment required to be imported in all aspects whatever its type from the most famous global markets through import companies from China.


In order to achieve our vision and translate our theoretical goals into actions, First company for Import and Export Consulting Services indicated a clear strategy focusing on the following key points:

  • Continuing Improvement for our customer service

The success of First for Import and Export Consulting Services concerning becoming a leader in the field of consulting within the Arab Republic of Egypt is based on nothing. Rather, it is the result of a long and hard work record and a professional team of the company that are prominent than others. However, the ambition of First Import and Export Consulting offices will not stop at this point but also will continue to work hard for improving the service to our clients through our customers through our import and export offices both inside and outside Egypt. For more, contact with China Import Office...

  • Policy of Focusing Based-Client

This is the base on which we all work on during the progress of import or export consulting services in general, whereas First Consulting Services pays special attention to achieve customer satisfaction, as we have a team of highly experienced professionals in all services related to the import and export process and they will be able to provide the best quality work within the reasonable budget appropriate for you when you request the best import and export quotes.

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