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First for Import and Export is distinguished from other companies because our Company is one of the few companies that focuses on providing exceptional services, solutions and competitive price offers, in addition that our Company is allocated to each of the importers and exporters.

Through our import and export offices in Egypt, China and Taiwan, as well as, through our strategic relationships with our partners - companies located in China, Taiwan, East Africa and Europe, we can reach producers, suppliers and manufacturers all over the world.

We provide exceptional trading services by highly qualified traders who can provide market insight and commercial intelligence, in a world where organizational, natural and geopolitical transformations have an immediate impact.

For more information, please contact First for Import and Export in Cairo.

Distinguished Services

Custom market research and implementation of an international business plan to find the best way to promote customer products or services and facilitate their business channels.

Provide the best quotations to customers- importers from abroad.

The nomination of companies with credibility and high quality for our customers, taking into account the appropriate price for customers.

Benefit from our experience in the international marketing field through access to proven methodologies and best practices in order to help clients gain a competitive advantage.

Appear in and reach faster to the global markets by making sure that there is a global supply market for customer products or services and sure that customer have access to foreign purchasers within providing the access to the international supply chain system.

Provide the necessary consultations concerning how to reduce the export start-up costs and the risks associated with exporting to the largely unknown international market.

Offer guidance and orientation during import and export operations, which provides the necessary skills to overcome the obstacles of international trade.

Allow customers to focus on local marketing and sales while our customers use our experts to handle import and export operations in international markets.

Provide clients with access to both direct or indirect shipping options and many distribution channels locally and internationally.

Enable our customers to increase their sales and profits by simplifying and organizing the management of the global and local supply chain.

Help in establishing a strategic work relation within the international markets

As being an import-export, and consulting company that provides services in the field of import-export and marketing solutions, First for import and export provides importers and service providers with a link to all aspects of import and export operations. This makes our Company the perfect choice not only for small companies that lack the skills set but also for companies that want to extend their activity and expand in foreign markets.

For more information about our services and solutions, please contact our First for Import and Export offices in Cairo.

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