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PVC and Aluminum Machine


Single Corner Cutting Machine


  • Precision cutting of PVC and Aluminum profiles.

  • Special adjustment stopper for 45° - 90° - 135° cuts.

  • Possibility of cutting 22,5° - 112,5° angles.

  • Adjustable sawing speed for PVC and Aluminum profiles.

  • Pneumatic profile compression system.

  • Diamond saw blade diameter ø450mm.

  • Right - Left conveyor system.

  • The molds can be changed quickly and easily.

  • Optionally a cooling system can be added for Aluminum profiles.


Dimensions                  L: 600mm, W: 750mm, H: 1250mm

Weight                          170kg

Electrical Info              400V, 50-60Hz, 1.5Kw

Air Pressure                 6-8 Bar

Saw Dimensions         ø450mm x 1
Profile Cutting Dimensions     
L min:: 100mm    L max: ∞


Automatic 0.2mm Single Corner Welding Machine


  • Adjustable welding angles between 30° - 180°

  • Welding possibility for white and laminated profiles

  • Maximum welding strength and quality

  • Zero welding property for laminated profiles

  • Digital adjusting of all heat and time parameters separately

  • Ease of compression of the profiles separately at each press on the foot pedal.

  • Adjustable welding and profile pressure

  • 0.2mm weld spacing

  • Easy to change single piece Teflon


Dimensions              L: 650mm, W: 600mm, H: 1350mm
Weight                      190kg
Electrical Info           230V, 50-60Hz, 2Kw
Air Pressure              6-8 Bar
Profile Dimensions    A max: 200mm   h min: 40mm   h max: 165mm
Profile Welding Dimensions    A min: 350mm


Automatic Triple Spindle Copy Router with Water Slot Machine


  • For lock hingers, drain slot, door handle and three spindle router operations of PVC profiles

  • Copy motor able to function at vertical axis

  • Triple spindle system able to function at horizontal axis

  • Water slot system working function at angled axis

  • Universal top template (optionally custom top template can be done)

  • Triple drilling, copy drilling and other function can work separately

  • Pneumatic profile compression system

  • Working by one button and fully automatic


Dimensions            L: 550mm, W: 950mm, H: 1450mm
Weight                     155kg
Electrical Info         400V, 50-60Hz, 1.5Kw
Air Pressure           6-8 Bar
Router Capacity    A: 105mm  B: 95mm  C: 260mm
Dril Dimensions    L1: 125mm  L2: 130mm  L3: 1256mm

                                 øD1: 11mm  øD2: 13mm


Automatic End Milling Machine


  • For end milling connections for PVC profiles

  • Pneumatic profile clamping system

  • Adjustable milling speed

  • Diamond blade using according to the type of profile

  • Ability to move the milling motor with the pneumatic cylinder

  • Ability to work with single or double blades


Dimensions                L: 680mm, W: 580mm, H: 1110mm
Weight                        125kg
Electrical Info             400V, 50-60Hz, 1.1Kw
Air Pressure                6-8 Bar
Profile Dimensions    L max: 260mm
Shaft Dimensions      øD: 180mm  ød: 30mm  h: 90mm


Automatic Glazing Bead Saw


  • 45° cutting possibility for PVC glazing bead profiles

  • Adjustable (Universal) glazing bead mould

  • Automatic working system

  • Adjustable length stopper for long frames and metric conveyor system

  • Adjustable cutting speed

  • Pneumatic profile clamping system

  • Possibility of cleaning back glazing bead dusts with four blades

  • Bigger blades: ø200 mm

  • Smaller blades: ø100 mm


Dimensions                L: 450mm, W: 1250mm, H: 1150mm
Weight                        155kg
Electrical Info             400V, 50-60Hz, 1.5Kw
Air Pressure                6-8 Bar
Profile Dimensions    L min: 200mm    L max: ∞
Saw Dimensions        ø200mm x 2    ø100mm x 2

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