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Services of import and export

A team of specialists will provide all our customers with all consulting whether it was related to agricultural, industrial or commercial fields.

Consulting Services

Quotations Service

The Company provides more than one quotation for our customers, taking into consideration choosing trusted companies with a good reputation in the market. All these operations will be done through our import and export offices abroad and through knowing the comprehensive evaluation of each company.

Quotations Service

Consulting related to import Machines or Production Lines

First for import and export provides the best prices for our customers and helps them to reach the best offer to import the required Machines or Production lines with regard to quality and credibility.

Consulting service in Import and export

Giving a Presentation

First Company provides consulting services in the field of import and export through a team specializing in consulting and perform the following:

  • Offers the best customer bids, keeping in mind the credibility of the producer's company or making sure it is on the ground through our offices in China and Taiwan.

  • Offers shipping logistics of all types whether shipping, air or land, and offering the best price.

  • Offers Customs clearance services by a first employee, He has considerable experience in the customs clearance process.

  • Provides our customers with all the information regarding the customs tax clause and the required certificates on the product to be imported from abroad and explain all the details.

  • Follow up on the required papers from the product or supplier company so that the customer can receive their shipment at customs without which the customer cannot receive the shipment at all.

  • Provides storage services for the goods.

  • Provides services Transfer from the port or airport to the customer's warehouse or place

  • Export abroad


Export abroad

Packaging Factory

First for Import and Export is proud to offer its export expertise to all countries of the world and the Gulf
First for Import and Export is fully ready to export and import all Egyptian products
For the account of others for any place in the world, land-sea-air, in exchange for Commission of the invoice value with documentation All documents are from invoices, packaging statement, origin certificates and UR certificates, if any from your store to the outside port.











International Marketing for Asian Products in Egypt

Whereas the Chinese market is considered one of the largest successful markets in which many products have not yet reached to the Middle East or the Egyptian market in particular, so our team will assist Chinese or Taiwanese companies in marketing their product inside Egypt, and offer these products to our customers in the Middle East and Egypt.

International Services of Marketing

One of the success fundamentals of any company or manufacture is the availability of the marketing component to ensure offering the manufactured product or the material to the largest possible number of customers, then the product would obtain great gains and increase the area of product spread whenever the product has a high quality, so First Company provides through its offices in Egypt, China, and Taiwan, a team of specialists for international marketing, and offers these products in the Egyptian, Chinese and Taiwanese markets.

International Marketing for Egyptian Products

If you have a private business or trading, or if you want to market a product to your manufacture and don't know from where shall you start, and to whom? And how ...?

The solution is the team of First for import-export and Consulting Services Company, because of their enough experience in the field of import and export, furthermore, how to market the product, offer the product in the global markets, and bring the largest customers to this product.

For more information, please contact the Import and Export Office in China.

International Services

Shipping Services

A team of specialists will provide the best way for shipping the product or the raw material according to the standards of maintaining the product quality or the raw material quality, taking into consideration the cost and the shipping period to the consignee.

Land Freight

The team of First for import and export provides its experience in the field of land freight services between Egypt and the Arab countries by dry or refrigerated transport by the latest means to avoid any possible risks and permanent contact with truck drivers for tracking and checking on the shipment, in addition, that First for import and export has good relations with major international shipping lines.

Sea Freight

Our offices in Egypt, China, and Taiwan have agents of the largest navigation lines, which have a good reputation for regular flights and the implementation of their deadline’s obligations without delay or damage to the product or the raw materials.

Air Freight

The offices of the First for Import and Export provide air freight services in a distinctive way, according to the good relationship of First for Import and Export with most international airlines. We also provide the appropriate air route to transport and track your shipment until reaching the destination country intact and in its good condition without any delay.

Shipping Consultation Services

Translation Services

First Co. provides Simultaneous Interpreting services for our customers to tear down the Language barrier by Chinese – Arabic Simultaneous Interpreter in the import and export field through our offices in China, Taiwan and other European countries.

For more information, please visit the website of First Translation Company

Translation Services

Storage and Distribution

First for Import-Export and Consulting owns a different group of teams, and through this group of human resources, our company has contacted many reliable and effective companies that provide storage and distribution services. We are able to provide storage and distribution services for our customers' goods.

Our distribution network can fully manage the supply chain process. We provide all types of delivery, container opening, local and international distribution, services related to ships berth, long and short-term storage as well as stock management. By the latest security and management systems, our distribution network is the best in the sector.

For more information about our distribution and Storage services, please contact our Import Office in China.

Storage and Distribution

Tourism / Travelling Services

A team of specialists, who have wide experience in the Tourism and Travelling field, will provide the advice and help in the preparation of the required documents for travel and the places recommended for a visit during your program.

Tourism Travelling Services
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