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First for Import and Export provides all import services from abroad and export from Egypt to Arab and European countries to all customers from different industries and in all types of businesses.


First for Import and Export provides Import and Export Consulting Services for all customers with different industries and in all business types.

Moreover, First for Import and Export has a team of specialists in consulting field concerning international works development, sales and marketing for guiding and helping you to establish, manage and expand the export and import in your trade field in a short time and effective way with lower cost at the same time.

We, as your consultants in the export and import field, aim to establish, strengthen and expand your export and import operations globally to enhance your business and move it forward ensuring to reach your ambitions and expectations in sales, then growing up of your business and providing the best quotations from European and Asian companies.

For more, please contact First for Import, Export and Consulting Services in the field of Import and Export


No matter what country of import, our service is in the clearance of customs is one that is the speed, transparency, quality and accuracy required in the labor market.


We have permanent customers to be credible in time and dealing giving the impression of reassurance to us and our dedicated import and export consulting staff.

مكاتب استيراد وتصدير


We specialize in customs clearance in three ways: land, air, and sea. We have a land customs office to coordinate with ca go recipients and truck drivers to expedite clearance once trailers or containers arrive.


Consulting Services

A team of specialists will provide all our customers with all consulting whether it was related to agricultural, industrial or commercial fields.

For more, please contact the Import and Export Office in Cairo.

Import & Export

First for Import and Export offers the best prices for our customers and helps our customers to reach the best possible price for imports from China for the machines or production lines needed, taking into account quality and reliability.

For more, please contact the Import and Export Office in Cairo.

International Marketing for Domestic Products

If you have a private project or business or want to market a product for your manufacturer and don't know where to start, who to go? How...?
Please contact First for Import-Export and Consulting.



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